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WordWeaver Consultancy has more than 20 years experience in providing quality consultancy services to clients from government, NGO and commercial sectors.

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WordWeaver is committed to providing professional service and delivering high quality outcomes which are tailored to meet clients' specifications.

The time demands facing our busy clients are well understood and we work collaboratively with them to set and meet project deadlines. To ensure a client is kept abreast of a project's progress, we provide regular updates.

WordWeaver understands the need for value for money in tight economic times and we offer competitive rates for quality service. As a result, we have built a solid reputation and maintained positive, ongoing relationships with a diverse range of clients.

Catherine Weaver, the consultancy's principal, has provided professional services to her clients since 1995. She specialises in program evaluation, advice on and preparation of community funding proposals, social research and policy development, and corporate communication strategies.

She is also recognised for her professional development of high level policy documents and reports. Catherine has a background in managing government funding to the NGO sector.

Her two government contracted reviews of the No Interest Loans Scheme in NSW have resulted in 71 community organisations which offered NILS being funded for the first time by government to do so.

WordWeaver is committed to protecting client privacy by complying with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (C'wealth)

What We Do

  • Annual Reports
  • Provide advice on and prepare community funding proposals
  • Write code of ethical conduct documents
  • Develop communication strategies
  • Draft community award nominations
  • Design community & industry funding programs
  • Editing
  • Factsheet text
  • NGO constitution development and review
  • Newsletters
  • Organisational histories
  • Policy development / research and analysis of social policy issues
  • Policy and procedures manuals
  • Program evaluation
  • Report writing
  • Speech writing
  • Website text

Our Projects

Below are examples of some of the projects that Catherine Weaver & her consultancy team
have successfully completed.

Annual Reports

  • Contracted to prepare annual reports for: Bankstown City Council & NSW Dept of Housing

Advice on and preparation of grant funding proposals

  • WordWeaver Consultancy has been contracted by Synengco Pty Ltd to review and edit a number of technical grant applications dealing with the transitioning of the National Energy Market toward renewable energy sources and real-time performance monitoring and equipment fault detection for building energy plants and in the oil and gas industry. We have successfully guided the client toward clearly conveying highly technical concepts in accessible language for a non-technical audience. As will be evidenced by their testimonial provided for this website, Synengco was delighted with our work.
  • Prepared a 2016 funding application to the Fair Work Ombudsman's Community Engagement Grants for South West Sydney Legal Centre
  • Reviewed and edited a 2016 funding application to Community Legal Centres Qld for Queensland Advocacy Inc
  • Prepared four ADHC tender proposals for Sunnyhaven Ltd
    1. Therapy Services for Individuals
    2. Early childhood intervention / Therapy and Skill Development
    3. Case management, Local Coordination & Development/ Decision Support
    4. Other Community Support / Support Activities
  • WordWeaver prepared a successful funding proposal for South West Sydney Legal Centre, which resulted in funding which exceeded their expectations.
  • Provided advice to Cumberland Women's Health Centre on preparation of a funding proposal
  • Assisted Marrickville and Redfern Legal Centres in the preparation of submissions for new grant funding
  • Prepared successful Corrective Services tender for Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc
  • Wrote successful applications for a number of organisations funded under the Tenants' Advice and Advocacy Program
  • Assessment of grant applicants' policies for NSW Ageing, Disability and HomeCare

Code of ethical conduct documents

  • Reviewed and re-drafted Code of Ethical Conduct for the NSW Dept of Corrective Services

Communication Strategies

Prepared a communication strategy for the Travel Compensation Fund of Australia to launch a proposed new contribution scheme. The strategy included:
  • Industry magazine articles
  • Website Q & A
  • Website article
  • Letters to key stakeholders
Prepared a communication strategy for the Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service which included:
  • Policy position paper incorporating Q&A section
  • Media tip sheet
  • Newspaper article
  • Speech notes

Designing community and industry funding programs

  • WordWeaver was contracted to design and draft all relevant documentation for the NSW Fair Trading NILS® Funding Program
  • As an employee of NSW Fair Trading, Catherine Weaver designed and drafted all relevant documentation for the Home Building Advice and Advocacy Funding Program


  • Sub-contracted by Transforming Partnerships, in 2017, WordWeaver edited a complex 80 page tender document for FACS funding to operate a specialist disability service
  • WordWeaver was contracted for 2 years to edit complex Infrastructure Australia progress reports provided bi-annually to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG)
  • Edited NSW, QLD & VIC staff training documents for the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law on 1 January 2011

Factsheets / Guidelines

  • Re-drafted Energy Consumers Australia Funding Application Form & accompanying Factsheet
  • Re-drafted Energy Consumers Australia Funding Guidelines
  • Contracted by Michelle Dodd Consulting to prepare:
    • A Service Charter for Clients with a Disability
    • Person Centred Decision Making Support Guidelines
    • Advocacy Resources Factsheet
  • Contracted by NSW Centre for Affordable Housing to develop a number of factsheets on affordable housing, targeting a range of stakeholders
  • Developed a range of factsheets for local councils on the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993

NGO constitution development and review

  • Reviewed and assisted in the re-drafting of the constitution of the Tenants' Union of NSW

Policy development / research and analysis of social policy issues

  • Catherine Weaver has experience in preparing a number of key, high level policy documents including:
  • Equal Employment Opportunity under the Local Government Act 1993
  • Promoting the participation of Aboriginal people in the local government sector in NSW
  • Draft NSW Youth Policy Statement for the NSW Cabinet Office
  • Draft MOU between NSW Health and Ageing, Disability and Homecare on hospital care of patients with disabilities
  • Response to the IPART review of fees charged by the Office of the Protective Commissioner
  • Personal Finances Policy for clients of Ageing, Disability and Homecare

Policies and procedures

  • Ngarra Family Services commissioned WordWeaver Consultancy in 2017 to develop a comprehensive policy and procedures manual for their proposed Family Out-of- Homecare service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children needing bridging support in a welcoming environment prior to their placement in voluntary out-of-homecare.
  • In 2017, the St Vincent's Curran Foundation contracted WordWeaver to develop 25 original policy documents reflecting the unique nature of their fundraising role. In addition, the consultancy adapted 12 existing policy documents of St Vincent's Hospital Sydney / St Vincent's Health Australia to the Foundation's specific operational environment.
  • In 2017, WordWeaver was contracted by Lives Lived Well QLD to:
    • Review and re-draft existing policies and procedures for currency and compliance with best practice international standards and
    • Develop new policies and procedures to address the organisation's expanding role in providing drug and alcohol support services in Qld
  • Contracted by NSW Fair Trading to write two procedures manuals for staff on:
  • The Property Services Compensation Fund
  • The Property Services Statutory Interest Account
  • Contracted by South West Sydney Legal Centre to assist in the drafting of a policy and procedures manual to meet 2012 community legal centre accreditation standards

Website text

  • Reviewed, researched & re-drafted the text for the NSW Centre for Affordable Housing's website
  • Reviewed & re-drafted text for Grants section of Energy Consumers Australia website

Program and project evaluation

  • In 2017/18 WordWeaver was contracted by Redfern Legal Centre and funded by City of Sydney Council to evaluate the effectiveness of the Millers Point Tenancy Support Service (MPTSS). Redfern Legal Centre's MPTSS provided legal support to and advocacy for Millers Points tenants who were re-located by NSW FACS Housing to facilitate the sale of their Millers Point properties. A key element of the evaluation was to provide recommendations on how to most effectively support social housing tenants who may be impacted by future social housing re-location projects.
  • Conducted program evaluations of the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS®) in NSW in 2008 and 2011. The first resulted in 71 community organisations which offered NILS® being funded for the first time by government to do so. The second evaluation resulted in a NSW Government commitment to continue funding the NILS® network and to provide additional funds to areas of high, unmet need.
  • As manager of NSW Fair Trading's Funding Programs Branch (until 2006), Catherine Weaver was responsible for overseeing a number of internal reviews of grants programs and for ongoing monitoring of the accountability and performance of more than 100 community and industry organisations receiving grant funds

Report writing

  • Catherine Weaver has written a number of reports on complex issues including:
  • Report on the evaluation of the Millers Point Tenancy Support Service
  • 2016 Catherine was contracted by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to draft Volume 13 of the Commission's final report - Children's Residential Institutions pre 1990s
  • 2008 Report on the evaluation of NSW NILS®
  • 2011 Report on the funding of NSW NILS®
  • Licensing options for the commercial property sector
  • Regulation of friendly societies offering funeral benefit funds in the form of life policies

Speech writing

  • Speech writing clients include:
  • NRMA Insurance - speech for General Manager to launch a road safety research booklet
  • Various NSW State Ministers
  • John Turner MP representing the Parliament of NSW & addressing the League of California Cities, City Managers Conference, San Diego, California
  • Council Mayors

Writing successful community award nominations

  • Preparation of a nomination for an Indigenous Justice Award on behalf of the Tenants' Union of NSW

Writing organisational histories

  • Direct Selling Association of Australia
  • NSW Ambulance Service - to mark the Service's Centenary

Our Clients

Ambulance Service of NSW
Bankstown City Council
Centre for Affordable Housing
Cumberland Women's Health Centre
Direct Selling Association of Australia
Dtarawarra Pty Ltd
Energy Consumers Australia
Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc
Infrastructure Australia
Lives Lived Well QLD
Management and Advisory Services Aboriginal Corporation
Marrickville Legal Centre
Michelle Dodd Consulting
Ngarra Family Services
NRMA Insurance

NSW Department of Corrective Services
NSW Department of Housing
NSW Fair Trading
Queensland Advocacy Inc
Redfern Legal Centre
Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
South Sydney Council (now part of Sydney City Council)
South West Sydney Legal Centre
St Vincent's Curran Foundation
Sunnyhaven Ltd
Synengco Pty Ltd (QLD)
Tenants' Union of NSW
Transforming Partnerships
Travel Compensation Fund of Australia
Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Inc.


"Between July 2017 and February 2018 Catherine Weaver's WordWeaver Consultancy was contracted by the St Vincent's Curran Foundation to review the Foundation's existing policy and procedures portfolio and to draft new documents where needed.

During the term of the contract, 24 complex policy and procedure documents were drafted by WordWeaver, in consultation with our management and operational teams.

The policy documents were prepared to a very high standard and in accessible language, which ensured their user-friendliness to everyone in the organisation bound by their requirements.

The other aspects of Catherine's consultancy which the Foundation most appreciated were:

  • Cost effectiveness – we definitely received value for our money
  • Catherine's commitment to meeting deadlines
  • The consultancy's flexibility in terms of meeting our needs and being responsive to changes in priorities
  • Catherine's communication style – she was able to quickly establish open lines of communication with key people in our organisation. This assisted both the Foundation and her consultancy in getting the job done on time to our specifications.

I would highly recommend Catherine's consultancy to anyone seeking superior results delivered on time and within budget."

Shanthini Naidoo
CEO, St Vincent's Curran Foundation

"WordWeaver is a fantastic resource for our business. Their wealth of knowledge helped us communicate our technical solution to a non-technical grants committee. Their thorough and efficient reviews enabled us to improve the application to a standard well beyond our internal capability. The lessons learned will no doubt be useful into the future. I would highly recommend WordWeaver Consultancy to anyone looking for a high quality and cost effective writing consultancy.”

Dr Sam Patterson
Mathematician and Product Architect, Synengco Pty Ltd

"Lives Lived Well contracted WordWeaver Consultancy over a six month period in 2017 to assist in the development and review of organisational policy and procedures to support our commitment to quality standards and continuous improvement.

"WordWeaver Consultancy very quickly grasped the nature of the work required and the operational milieu of a large not-for-profit organisation supporting those experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol. The consultancy undertook work on more than 40 policy documents to a very high standard and within tight timeframes.

Catherine Weaver, the consultancy's principal, was always responsive to urgent demands and demonstrated flexibility when project timeframes and priorities shifted. Within a short timeframe Catherine established effective lines of communication with a range of LLW personnel. All respected her commitment to the task at hand and appreciated her sense of humour at times of high pressure.

I would have no hesitation in recommending WordWeaver Consultancy as a provider of high quality writing services with a capacity to grasp complex subject material quickly, along with the ability to communicate effectively."

Julie Dignan
Manager, Quality and Governance Clinical Services Lives Lived Well

"Infrastructure Australia contracted Catherine Weaver's WordWeaver Consultancy to undertake editing work over a period of two years and I have no hesitation in recommending WordWeaver's services. The work the consultancy undertook involved editing national infrastructure reports prepared for COAG. The reports incorporated complex material describing the engineering, environmental and economic aspects of huge infrastructure projects involving a large number of participants. I was very impressed with the speed with which WordWeaver grasped the context and description of the projects. The major focus of the brief was to translate engineering and scientific terminology into an easily understood presentation of each project's progress for the benefit of non-expert COAG representatives. This was certainly achieved to a very high standard and Infrastructure Australia was very happy with the results. The other positive aspect of the editing work undertaken by WordWeaver was that it was completed within very tight timeframes."

Frances Howat
Advisor to Infrastructure Coordinator, Infrastructure Australia

"South West Sydney Legal Centre has been contracting work to Catherine Weaver and her WordWeaver consultancy since 2010. I have always found the projects undertaken by Catherine to be delivered to a very high standard, on time and at very reasonable rates. Catherine's varied career path means she can marry broad experience with superior writing skills to produce quality results. WordWeaver is our 'go to' consultancy whenever we need complex funding submissions done or proposals for innovative client service initiatives prepared."

Peter Multari
Principal Solicitor - South West Sydney Legal Centre

"Catherine Weaver responded promptly to my request for a speech to accompany a presentation to senior colleagues. The speech she prepared was excellent and well received by the audience. I highly recommend her."

Barb Bowler
Director of Veriti - Evidence Based Education

"Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Inc (WDVCAS NSW) is the peak body representing 28 WDVCASs around NSW. Our organisation contracted Catherine Weaver of WordWeaver Consultancy to write and edit a number of key documents as part of a communications strategy highlighting the incidence of domestic and family violence in NSW and the need for resources to deal with it. We could not have been happier with the work produced by Ms Weaver and her team - WordWeaver's research and writing was of a very high standard - it conveyed our message with both clarity and compassion. A media piece written for us by Ms Weaver was picked up and published by the Age newspaper and inspired a Sydney Morning Herald investigative article on domestic violence in Sydney's Eastern suburbs. Catherine is a warm individual with an easy communication style. She is a consultative professional who is aware of client budgetary and time limitations. I have no hesitation in recommending her to prospective clients."

Helen Brereton
Executive Officer - Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service NSW Inc

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